Trends in mobile tv

7. May 2007 I did a presentation at Rose d’Or (also know as the Golden Rose) in Lucerne, Switzerland. It was called “Trends in mobile TV”, and presented at the Grand Casino, Casineum.

The Rose d’Or (or Golden Rose) is a highly prestigious television award, given annually since 1961 at the Festival Rose d’Or in spring each year. Since 2004, the festival has been held in Lucerne, Switzerland. Before the festival was held in Montreux, Switzerland, thus the Golden Rose of Montreux.

(from Wikipedia entry on Rose d’Or)

The festival also had seminars and presentations on different subjects. In 2007 monday was internet day, tuesday mobile day, and wednesday covered “How to create and produce world class entertainment televison?” and “Scripted formats: A new era”.

My presentation

Here’s the presentation I did, hosted at Slideshare:

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Lucerne travel tips

And finally: Here’s are few tips for Lucerne, two restaurants and a museum. Click the map to read about them.

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