Doing something together

Call me sentimental, but I almost start crying when I watch the flashmob dance from the Eurovision finals in Oslo last week.

It makes me so happy to see lots of humans doing something like this together, even if it’s organized by NRK for the Eurovision finals.

A Norwegian friend said on Facebook (my translation):

TV-moment of the year. This is just beautiful. We need beautiful things in the world. Thanks, NRK!

Watch in HD by clicking through to YouTube and select 1080p.

Highlights: The live dance crowd from Germany at 6:23 – and when all the lights in the venue are turned on at 4:55, and almost everybody goes “hands high hands high”. Love it.

Amazing tune by Madcon (for sale in iTunes now).

Madcon is interviewed at NRK (in Norwegian) – they cried themselves when they watched it on Youtube.

Did you get an invite from me on hi5?

If so – sorry!!!!

Hi5 is a social network like Facebook, and like almost every other social network you can check which other friends are there as members. Well, I got an invite from a friend, added him and checked who else I know is on hi5. I clicked “unselect all” and checked off only a few friends that already were on hi5.

I never invite people to social networks!

But – at the very bottom – a small checkbox saying “invite all other friends”. I clicked “ok” and suddenly realized what that button meant!


The worst part – I’ve done this once before. Luckily hi5 is a “normal” social network, not like Badoo where it seems most users are girls in Ukraina wanting to marry someone.

So sorry people! Feel free to smack me in the head the next time you see me…

If you happen to like social networks, hi5 is just as good as the other ones. I prefer Facebook but hi5 is ok. If you know me, and still want to add me, here’s Oyvind at hi5.