Motion 07 – where arts meet business

Motion - where arts meet business

I’m speaking at Motion – where arts meets business, in Kristiansand, Norway wednesday 29. August 2007. The speaker list is packed with interesting people: Program in Norwegianprogram in English.

I really look forward to hear talented people like Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller - Strategic Brand Management

Professor Keller is acknowledged as one of the international leaders in the study of brands, branding, and strategic brand management. Actively involved with industry, he has worked on a host of different types of marketing projects. He has served as brand confidant to marketers for some of the world’s most successful brands, including American Express, Disney, Ford, Intel, Levi Strauss, Procter & Gamble, and Starbucks.

Chris Burns, head of 2D…

Chris Head - about fx on “World Trade Center” movie

His speech at Motion´07 is an overview of the invisible visual effects in Oliver Stone’s ‘World Trade Center’. Covering how Double Negative tackled the sensitive subject of recreating iconic buildings and one of the most documented disasters of all time. It was important to the film-makers that the visual effects look photorealistic, it would have been insensitive if the effects distracted from the story. The talk will cover how they balance this need for photoreal invisible effects with a budget and time constraints and how the relationship with the studio and producers allow them to work towards a common goal.

…and the brilliant Norwegian designers Simen Staalnacke og Peder Børresen of moods of Norway:

moods of Norway

Little moods of norway has been doing the hibbedy-dibbedy on the international fashion dance floor for barely 4 years now. Moods of norway started in Honolulu, Hawaii as an after party idea between the two designers Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen. After finishing their studies in Australia and Hawaii, a night of sizzling cocktails resulted in the concept, moods of norway. When returning to the country known for polar bears an expensive gasoline, the duo drew their lines for the coming collections. The brand has it’s headquarters and showroom in the town of Stryn (population 5750), a place known for glaciers, salmon fishing and one newly opened escalator.

What is Motion?

The conference describes itself like this:

The main topic for Motion 07 is business development within the creative industries. Both in Scandinavia and internationally, culture and experience-based industries are experiencing a formidable growth right now. In addition, the experience-based element is becoming more and more important for product development and innovation within traditional industries.

My presentation

I will put up my presentation slides here after the conference. Feel free to contact me at Motion 07 for questions!

The presentation is now up.

About the logo

The logo in the upper right corner, is part of the first letter in my name. It’s Ø – a letter used only three places in the world; Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Wikipedia says…

The vowel is not to be confused with the slashed zero.

I always write my name Oyvind online, as most people wouldn’t even know where to find Ø on their keyboards. So on Facebook etc., I’m Oyvind (see next column).

I may try other fonts in the logo later, and experience with the colors. Here’s how it is at the moment:

Oyvind logo

The orange and red colors are from Edvard Munch’s world famous painting “The scream”. Maybe the world’s most famous painting (battling with Mona Lisa), The Scream is referenced in just about all art and culture ever made. Wikipedia has an extensive list if you’re curious.

The Scream

“The Scream” – by Edvard Munch – can be seen at Munch-museet (The Munch Museum) in Oslo.

Munch himself said about “The Scream”:

I was out walking with two friends – the sun began to set – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an endless scream passing through nature.

The orange and the red in the logo is picked from the painting. So is the almost black on the headlines and some greens. So that’s my little tip if you want a color scheme for a project, website or product. Steal from the real masters of color. Find a piece of art you really like (I love “The Scream” – it’s an amazing piece of art), put it into Photoshop and sample colors from it. Make a palette. If you’re on OS X, drag the colors to the color palette all apps use, and you’ll be able to use them on the web, in graphic programs, word processing etc.

What do you think?

I wasn’t sure that I needed a logo. But I was playing with Photoshop, and tried out parts of letters for another project. Then I hit the Ø by mistake (I was trying other letters), and the idea was born. The square and “The Scream” colors came later. Opinions welcome in the comments or anywhere else you see me (online and for real).