What does Mathieu Janin say about me?

If you know french, could you help me translate what Mathieu Janin says about me and my presentation at Comdays 2007 in his blogpost?

An excerpt (which sounds nice, but I don’t know French):

Inspiré par Malcom Macdowel, auteur du bestseller “tipping point”, il nous présente deux exemples norvégiens de succès au travers d’une magnifique présentation générée par keypoint d’apple. Un délice pour les yeux après une indigestion d’horribles transparents de type powerpoint.



5 thoughts on “What does Mathieu Janin say about me?”

  1. “Inspired by Malcolm Macdowel, author of the bestseller “tipping point”, he presented us two examples of Norwegian success through a magnificent presentation generated by keypoint of apple. A delight for the eyes after horrible indigestion type powerpoint slides.”

    It really was a welcomed change!

  2. Hello Oyvind
    Ask me directly next time and I’ll give you the translation directly;-)
    If I ask my grandparents, I can even deliver you a norvegian translation.
    Both are norvegian and I have still plenty of cousins in your country but I don’t speak norvegian…Only a few words like “Lefse”

    contact me the next time you will be in Switzerland and I will show you nice places!

    Best regards from Mathieu

  3. Hi Mathieu,

    Thanks, and of course I should have asked you first.

    And go ahead, make a Norwegian translation. 😉 Or maybe the second part in English?

    Do you use “Lefse” often?

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