Oyvind Solstad’s presentation at Comdays 2007

Here’s my presentation from Comdays 2007. The official Comdays blog has a summary in German.

If you want to download it, go to my page at slideshare for a downloadable pdf-file.


I don’t put much text on my slides, so it may not make much sense without my voice. Feel free to contact me if you want me to have the presentation for your company.

Slide #36

Slide #36 got a bit messed up. I’ll fix it, but until I have time, here’s the text of it:

Codename: Hunter
Episode 5: 810 000
Whole episode 6 in HD for download
50 000+ downloads
50 000+ in web-tv
Episode 6: 860 000

Facebook group for Comdays

I’ve created a Facebook group for Comdays. If you use Facebook, feel free to join.